Digital Guardian Offers Free WannaCry Ransomware Content Pack for All Customers

Digital Guardian, a next generation data protection platform purpose built to stop data theft, has developed and is offering its latest DG Ransomware Content Pack, which has been updated to detect and defend against the WannaCry Ransomware attack.

This solution is available free of charge to all managed security service and on-premise customers globally. The company’s Advance Threat Team worked swiftly and diligently to develop the solution, and has validated that the Digital Guardian agent can prevent the ransomware from running.

Any Digital Guardian customers using the Managed Security Service for Advanced Threat Protection were automatically protected. On-premise customers of the Digital Guardian endpoint agent version 7.x interested in receiving the updated Ransomware Content Pack.

Should follow normal procedures to download from the DG Content Server or open a ticket with the Digital Guardian support team using normal ticket creation procedures.

The rules will then be made available free of charge to any customer making such a request and, if needed, more details on exact capabilities can be provided by the Digital Guardian customer support team. On-premise customers leveraging DG Endpoint version 6.x should reach out to Digital Guardian customer support directly.

“The WannaCry Ransomware attack has been described by many as being unprecedented in scale and severity, however, Digital Guardian has moved swiftly to develop a new, proven Ransomware Content Pack to detect and defend against WannaCry and prevent malicious encryption of our customers’ data.” said Tim Bandos, CISSP, CISA, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Digital Guardian.

“We urge all customers to take this threat very seriously and implement measures to mitigate against potential infections capable of disrupting normal system operations. We will continue to actively track this situation and will send out additional notification and required updates as the threat conditions evolve.”

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