Netscribes report the technology and IP landscape in the field of EV charging

Netscribes, Inc., a global market intelligence and content management firm, today announced the findings of its report on the electric vehicle (EV) charging technology landscape.

According to Netscribes research, nearly 800 patents focused on EV charging were filed between 2014 and 2017, many of them by Qualcomm, Hyundai, Ford, and Mitsubishi.

Using its in-house market research and patent analytics expertise, Netscribes conducted a technology assessment of the OEMs and suppliers around the world and their relevant intellectual property landscape to understand the measures being taken to improve the EV charging infrastructure.

Some of the findings are included in the report excerpt The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging.

Lalatendu Sahoo, Head of Patent Research at Netscribes, said, “With rising support for sustainable energy policies, the market for electric vehicles is set to reach new heights.

Only the companies that can effectively capitalize on their core strengths and augment it with synergistic technological collaborations will emerge as leaders in the race.” He further added,

“The insights obtained from technology and patent research can reveal the direction that the industry is taking and provide a peek into competitor strategies.”

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