Tencent to Build Digital Automotive Maintenance Ecosystem in China

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ExxonMobil, Tencent, Tuhu and a distribution holding company have agreed to form a joint venture to establish an integrated ‘supply to business to consumers’ car care network. The joint venture will grow the Mobil-branded car care network in China and leverage the strength of all partners to provide a high-quality, branded, and digitally-enabled comprehensive car maintenance experience.

ExxonMobil is committed to providing superior lubricant solutions to customers around the world. Mobil™ offers a range of automotive manufacturer-approved passenger vehicle lubricants, fluids and car care products, including Mobil 1™ the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand, the Mobil Super™ family of premium motor oils, and other lubricants and fluids for everyday driving through a very stable and strong distributor network and extensive retail business network.

Expected to launch in the spring of 2020, the joint venture will create a digital automotive maintenance ecosystem that integrates suppliers and customers of Mobil-branded lubricants and other vehicle maintenance products and services. This will enable participating vehicle maintenance retail stores to provide consumers with convenient, high-quality and reliable services and quality Mobil products at ten thousands of Mobil branded car care outlets and joint venture-certified partner stores. This joint venture will expand and high-grade the existing network of Mobil 1 Car Care Outlets and significantly strengthen the offer for the Chinese car owner.

“ExxonMobil continually strives to meet the growing demand for high-quality products and services in China,” said Song-Ping Teoh, ExxonMobil’s director for North Asia Pacific lubricants. “Along with our partners’ digital and technology expertise, this joint venture will leverage ExxonMobil’s innovative products and technologies, long history in the lubricant business and large network of local partners to provide customers in China with unmatched product and service quality.”

Tencent states that it has been optimistic about the long-term growth potential of the automotive aftermarket. Tencent is committed to harnessing the advantages of online traffic, technology and ecosystem, and to making full use of new technology for industrial applications, including implementing channel digitalization through the joint venture with ExxonMobil and Tuhu. In the process of continuous exploration of the industrial internet, Tencent hopes to provide consumers with brand new experiences, and enterprises with digital solutions.

The joint venture is estimated to contribute to the supply chain of the automotive after-sales market in both job creation and economic benefits.

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