Opensignal adds 5G coverage maps to its free to use


Opensignal adds 5G coverage maps to its free to use, advert free mobile connectivity and network signal speed test app

Connectivity and speed test coverage map now with 5G

For many years Opensignal has enabled mobile users to find the best coverage and fastest speeds with their network coverage maps. Users can now see 5G experience at street level using speed test and signal data from local users. With network stats on local network operators, you can check coverage ahead of a trip, look at internet and download strength in remote areas, compare your network to other providers in the area, and check if a 5G upgrade is likely to improve your experience. By making these maps available even in devices that do not support 5G, Opensignal provides useful information to users considering upgrading.

Speed test for mobile and Wifi internet

Opensignal speed tests measure your mobile connectivity and signal strength. Opensignal runs a 5 second download test, 5 second upload test and a ping test to provide a consistently accurate measurement of the internet speed you will likely experience. The speed test runs on common internet CDN servers.

Download the OpenSignal app – it’s available on Android or iOS:

Opensignal Apple App Store link:

Opensignal Google Play Store link:

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