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Due to the global health crisis & its massive impact on retail, a vast number of retailers worldwide shifted online. Augmented by factors like mobility restrictions, safety & convenience, eCommerce witnessed an accelerated growth like never before.

With Thailand being no exception to this trend, more Thai consumers turned to online shopping for all types of purchases, from groceries to food, and electronics to apparels. This eCommerce growth presented significant opportunities for both types of businesses- the logistics actors, and the
retailers alike.

Anchanto, a Singapore headquartered software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company established in Thailand last year, supported local businesses along the entire value chain.Encouraged by huge demand and impressive growth of the ecosystem, Anchanto quickly expanded its presence and hired local team members including product consultants, implementation managers, customer care managers, to ensure a localized experience for its customers.

On the first front, it supported logistics companies to transition from their traditional B2B models and also start serving both B2B and B2C needs of actors across Electronics, Fashion, FMCG, and many other domains. With changing needs, even the traditional legacy businesses couldn’t remain distant for long and committed decisive efforts to establish an online presence.

Rubchai Chinsuwan – Fulfillment Business Platform Senior Manager at SCG Logistics Management, one of the companies using Anchanto’s technology said, “As eCommerce in Thailand continues to grow in the backdrop of the pandemic, there is a substantial rise in the demand for fulfillment services.

And amidst the rising competition, quality remains the topmost priority for almost all brands and retailers. We are glad to be positioned at the forefront of the Thai market, in a position to offer the best quality eCommerce fulfillment services- thanks to Anchanto’s robust, scalable, tried-and-tested technology and 100+ ready integrations”.

Nattaphong Mahamart, Director at UpeCommerce, another business using Anchanto platform said “With 44% of Thai shoppers making at least one online purchase in 2020, the need for quality eCommerce logistics services has gone up. Thanks to the robust collaboration with Anchanto, we are now offering best-in-class eCommerce logistics services to local and international brands looking to sell online in Thailand”.


Following such glowing testimonials from customers, Adrian Tan Country Head – Anchanto Thailand shared that “Logistics is the backbone of eCommerce and today, the post purchase experience has become as important as the product itself. The game has shifted from price to
quality, and hence we want to enable logistics players with our seamless, easy to use, tried-and-tested technology to help them stand out from competition.”

On the second front, Anchanto also helped eCommerce sellers, retailers and brands that were looking to grow in the fragmented market. Many of these local and international players already had a digital presence, but they needed a way to scale faster, and reach more customers amidst the rising competition.

According to Vaibhav Dabhade, Anchanto’s CEO & Founder “We understand the fragmentation in the market and the competition faced by these businesses, and hence our solution included enabling actors to improve visibility & control, distribute their inventory in real-time to maximize sales, manage product information & digital assets better, and have a better hold on operations to improve customer experience.”

As much as customer experience is key for eCommerce businesses, it has always been an important component of Anchanto’s strategy. Having built an on-ground presence in every country, the company has enabled a true relationship with its users and built offers and solutions adapted to each country’s specificities. Following its last year’s Series C funding (16.6M SGD), Anchanto has big ambitions, the means to succeed, and will be looking at growing along with the Thai businesses.

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