AIS presents industrial sector 5G technology to transform nation digitally


It is estimated that 5G will bring value of US $950-1200 billion to the business world by 2025. This would firmly happen to those especially in industrial and manufacturing sectors that today are starting to seize the potential of digital technology and adopt it to fuel performance in various areas such as production lines, product storage or even process support. This figure indicates the enormous benefits that 5G could bring to form competitive advantages at the business level or even up to a transformative value-creating dimension for a perfect investment attraction from around the world, making Thailand a digital technology hub for future growth.

As a result, Digital Infrastructure has become the right key to bringing opportunities to the country. It is certain that AIS has furthered its investment and development of the potential of 5G networks in parallel with collaborations with various partners in both the public and private sectors ceaselessly. Today, AIS is therefore the sole player in the telecommunication industry with the primed potential of 5G to greatly benefit various sectors and revolutionize the country into a new context of growth.

Mr. Hui Weng Cheong, AIS President, stated at the 5G for BUSINESS is Now virtual event, “Digital infrastructure is the cornerstone of digital development for the economy and society, where 5G networks are used as a means of empowerment industrial work especially in industrial estates. This is because 5G technology will step up in the manufacturing sector involving machines, solutions or even various work processes of the production line for superior efficiency. In 2022, the 5G platform is ready and its prototypes can be scaled up. Plus, businesses who are early adopters of 5G will simply gain competitive advantages ahead of others.”


Mr. Hui Weng Cheong reiterated that, in 2022, 5G technology is expected to continue to grow and the benefits of such adoption will enhance business operations, improve efficiencies, lower costs, and even result in new business models. More importantly, businesses will gain more benefits from 5G embedded products through the implementation of automation, robotics, IoT and AI. From now on, The 5G paradigm will make an ultimate impact on a number of industries, such as manufacturing. Meanwhile, a picture of failing to meet market expectations lie on as technology goes unapplied in various business groups of retail and transportation, for example.

“Over the past three years, AIS believes that the time for 5G technology to transform digital infrastructure has come. Thus, we have started continuous collaboration with various government and private sectors such as the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, the Thai Automation and Robotics Association (TARA) and the Thai IoT Association (TIoT). Sharing the same goal to develop and initiate a digital business, AIS and partners are ready and willing to boost Thailand as a technology hub with high service readiness for every manufacturing sector.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, Director of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) also said, “today’s people are adopting 5G technology to support their livelihood in a range of aspects, such as education, agriculture, business, health services, security, preparation for energy and environment. So, depa is seeking and delivering an answer to both software and hardware needs through communication in the virtual world with both humans and robots, one of which is the push to build Thailand Digital Valley on the Eastern Economic Corridors or EEC, Sriracha, Chonburi.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nattaphon added that, in the Thailand Digital Valley, TDV2 building or Digital Knowledge Exchange Center houses a digital space of 5G Innovation Center developed by AIS available for all digital technophiles to test and learn more about AIS 5G which leads to further positive rise of digital businesses or opportunities in new business models in the future.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veeris Ammarapala, Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), expressed the view of industrial estate development, “There is currently a project to upgrade the Industrial Reform Center to the future urging more automation and pleased to work with AIS in developing and fixing pain points to increase competitiveness of the factory operators in order to increase the competitiveness of factory operators. Therefore, 5G technology is an important factor that can help elevate industrial estates and help improve the efficiency of the IEAT’s services and of various existing estates, including with industrial production. I believe that 5G will definitely increase the competitiveness of Thai industry to the international level.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chit Laowatana, Special Advisor, Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand (EECO) assured, “Industry 4.0 based on 5G as an infrastructure has made a great leap in development including IoT, Big Data and Cloud. This leads to Smart Manufacturing, resulting in cost savings in business operations and more productive work in several sectors.”

Dr. Prapin Abhinorasaeth, President of the Thai Automation and Robotics Association (TARA), explaining how the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) system works for the industry 4.0. He pointed that data achieved from operational technology such as machineries, automation systems, robots, including distributed control units, is sent to the Internet of Things and then to the Information Technology group, including Virtual PLCs, to Monitoring Control Execution (Q- IIoT). After that, the data can be stored in Business Process Automation & AI (Q-ERP) and linked to Global Cloud. This automation has been generated in a trial of Yawata factory 5G solution on a joint of AIS and Lertvilai showing its performance of speed up to 926.73 Mbps downloading and 98.98. Mbps uploading in 2.6 Ghz band with less than 10msec latency in live network.

Mr. Niti Mekmok, President of the Thai IoT Association (TIoT), noted about the future of adapting to a digital organization, “In the current era, businesses need to make a digital transformation. In order to survive as well as adapt to the world, the key tools of 5G and IoT are required to be exercised for business owners to obtain their business updates in real time, and 5G will help transfer data online in ultimate speed. Both technologies will play a vital role in the industrial and social development of Thailand in the future.

Mr. Hui Weng Cheong concluded, “AIS is ready and well-positioned to bring digital technology to support the business transformation of our customers. We have a strong digital ecosystem of partners with expertise across a wide range of industries to support and accelerate the digital transformation in different sectors’ operations by the great potentials of 5G to literally meet their needs. We are truly certain that we have both Business and Industry Solutions that cover all major businesses. This is deemed a principal foundation for promoting the big picture of the country’s economy to achieve its goals during the recovery phase of the Covid-19 crisis.”

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Details of services that AIS 5G Business launched at the seminar 5G for BUSINESS is Now

  1. Smart Manufacturing Solutions For the efficiency and resilience in manufacturing, 5G Private Network provides a private network service for the specific operations of each business and network slicing can be implemented, for instance. Collaborations with various partners have also been made, for example, Mitsubishi, Omron, TKK, and most recently, together with Schneider, the leader in intelligent manufacturing solutions. Today, Thailand’s industrial sector, especially the production department, has exercised automation systems to manage in-line automation, robotics and guided vehicles by the adoption of 5G Cloud Computing, 5G Smart Factory, 5G Internet of Things and 5G Artificial Intelligence.”
  2. 5G IoT solutions with TCS AIS provides IoT solutions that help serve the needs of enhancing productivity, workplace surveillance and employee safety, energy and environment management including effective cost control in all dimensions of production.
  3. 5G Security Platform with Palo Alto Network and Cisco, AIS offers AIS Managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), AIS SD-WAN and other cybersecurity services, including AIS CSOC, which is a centralized control system on Cloud to detect and prevent cyberattacks. It is fully compatible with security solutions from these leading partners.
  4. MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) is a service that brings out the potential of computing and data management closer to the user or device. This reduces the amount of data traffic between the device and the cloud and also minimizes latency in response to various incidents in a timely manner. AIS is ready to deliver services with many global partners, including Huawei, HPE, Microsoft and ZTE, which are now available in two models, Shared MEC and Dedicated MEC, to upgrade the capacity of Data Privacy.
  5. 5G Private Network is a private 5G network service for the specific implementation of the business and can perform Network Slicing, a distinctive capability of 5G, enabling the creation of a virtual private network to the spectrum level. So, a private connection within the organization can be made even on a wireless network. It also supports multiple use cases in the same location. 5G Private Network services are provided in 3 forms:

Virtual private network
A private network extended across different networks and various devices. This service is available in all areas with 5G network coverage nationwide. Network slicing can be generated to support various use cases in the same location.

Zoning virtual private network
A service for a specific zone, such as EEC, to allow resilient data transmission and low latency due to the vicinity of transmission.

Dedicated private network
An offer to install the network equipment particular to a certain organization. It is characterized by high privacy, organizational agility, and quick access to the system and information.

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