AIS Business unveils 2022 vision of Cognitive Telco

Cognitive Telco

This year is another crucial step for AIS Business to enhance Thai ICT ecosystem as an Intelligent Network and to become the Cognitive Telco for businesses. AIS Business, as market leader to drive digital techs in the B2B sector with five key strategies. These will accelerate digital transformation of businesses and enable them the full potential to gain competitive advantages for future opportunities and cope with every challenge. It will be part of a vital engine for the Thai economy driving growth this year.

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, AIS Chief Enterprise Business Officer explained, “Besides deploying digital infrastructures to provide customers with a superior user experience, AIS will continue to unlock the potential of its network to connect the business sectors and entrepreneurs in various industries to transform their operations for maximal productivity. This provides Thai businesses competitive capabilities and effective cost management. Growth has been generated with digital tools which gain companies a competitive edge, in the current business environment beset with challenges. As a result, our overall revenues from enterprise customers grew by over 16% last year.

Cognitive Telco

“This year, AIS Business will be working harder than ever with a new target of leveling up our operations to a new Business Standard and becoming the Cognitive Telco. We will achieve this by providing more comprehensive digital infrastructures and platforms and collaborating with our partners for Digital Business Ecosystem. Every company is enabled to create services and solutions which meet their needs of “Future Enterprise”, the new way of working. Therefore, they can transform themselves, not only leading enterprises but also SMEs and entrepreneurs in various industries.”

Tanapong added that AIS regarded the enterprise market as part of the Digital Business Ecosystem, and is a driver of transformation and creating new capabilities giving the business sector a competitive edge, through 5 key strategies as follows:

Cognitive Telco

  • Connecting 5G Ecosystem to enhance Businesses:AIS is leveraging the potentiality of its 5G network to develop ecosystem supporting businesses, industries, and entrepreneurs for business use cases such as AR/VR, Robotics, AI and the IoT, by collaborating with partners in both public and private sectors.
  • Enhancing network performance with Intelligent Network:Being the complete provider of both wireless mobile network and wired fiber optic connectivity to enterprise customers with gateways to both domestic and international connections. AIS professional team operate and manage our networks to deliver the best-in-class connections to exceed customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Enhancing Digital Infrastructure and Platform for Businesses:Working with world-class partners enables AIS to expand solutions and services to offer enterprise customers as a provider of key digital platforms technologies: Cloud, Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), and ICT Solutions.
  • Enhancing Data-Driven Business Capability for Business Opportunities:Applying our experience in retail CRM to support business data analysis tools, to yield competitive opportunities and new digital marketing capability for better growth in the future.
  • Delivering Solution and Manage Service by Trusted Professionals: AIS Business lines up with local and global partners to be the only player with comprehensive digital capability, including ICT professional experts in key relevant domains. AIS Business can deliver and manage services which meet business needs accurately, efficiently, and professionally, from consultation, assessment, and installation to project management and after-sales service.

Cognitive Telco

“Our mission is to develop the country’s digital infrastructure to be robust and resilient with continuous investment over many years. As a result, today AIS can leverage the potential of its smart 5G network and ICT know-hows to connect enterprise customers, the business verticals, the industrial sectors, and entrepreneurs. In particular, we are prepping SMEs to be ready for Digital Transformation, in which they can level up their work processes to meet new challenges in the context of a rapidly changing world.

“This year, we are enhancing ourselves to be the Cognitive Telco, which will enable our mission of deploying technology to transform the business sector with tools and capabilities it needs for an edge on the competition, as we have targeted. We also have a new vision to be a key driver of resilient growth in the country’s digital economy which can weather future challenges,” concluded Tanapong.

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