AIS joins ZTE to launch 5G Innovation Center, accelerating advanced 5G development


AIS, the country’s Number One Digital Life Service Provider, has signed an agreement of comprehensive cooperation with ZTE, a world-class digital tech developer, as a strategic partner to upgrade core digital technologies such as 5G and its associated tech. The objective is to enhance quality and deliver an excellent user experience to AIS customers, while developing innovations to put Thailand at the forefront of the Digital Economy.

Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Service Plc. (AIS) commented, “We are a Digital Life Service Provider and Cognitive Telco focussed on leading digital technologies such as 5G, a vital piece of infrastructure to enhance the country’s capabilities in the Digital Economy. This gives us the potential for our investments to deliver a variety of experiences and smart services to AIS customers, Thai people and a range of industrial sectors. We have always been confident that 5G will become a key variable in the near future to effect transformation, from consumer behavior to social contexts, and the growth of Thailand’s Digital Economy.”

Presently, AIS is the only service provider to persist in expanding its 5G network to cover all 77 provinces in Thailand, reaching 78% of the population and targeting to set the growth to 85% within this year, by continuing to work with world-class partners to jointly develop innovations. Recently, AIS have signed an agreement of cooperation with ZTE, a leading global digital tech developer.


ZTE will be a Comprehensive Strategic Partner to level up core technologies such as 5G and associated tech, to enhance quality and deliver an excellent user experience to AIS customers, while developing innovations to put Thailand at the forefront of the Digital Economy in three key areas as follows:

1. Innovating 5G technology to enhance Thailand’s capabilities and make AIS to be the leader in Digital Economy, AIS &ZTE will launch the “A-Z Center” (5G Innovation Center) in Thailand as a centralized research hub to explore collaborations and joint innovation of 5G, for both infrastructure and solutions, to boost growth in all sectors such as the Metaverse and Holographic, which are scheduled to launch in Q3 this year.

2. Creating and upgrading AIS 5G network to be an Autonomous Network capable of precise autonomous network management from the processing of Big Data and AI, etc.

3. Expanding the capabilities of 5G to upgrade different industries with ZTE’s specialized expertise of innovation that has already been globally successful. This will enable Thai industry to rapidly grow from the deployment of Digital Transformation.

“ZTE, as one of the global leaders in 5G, truly believes that 5G is driving the development of the verticals and the digital transformation of industries,” said Mr. Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE Corporation. “We will continue to innovate in 5G technical solutions and applications, and jointly work with AIS to explore the huge potential of 5G networks in the digital economy era.”


There has been a continuous stream of recent successful collaborations on 5G innovation between AIS and ZTE which have boosted Thailand’s reputation. In March 2022, AIS, Qualcomm and ZTE productively announced 5G New Radio Dual Connectivity (5G NR-DC) for the first time in the world on 2.6GHz (2600 MHz) and 26 GHz. This clocked the fastest speeds in a combination of the two spectra, another achievement in developing the speed of “5G mmWave”. This will have a important role in expanding the capabilities of 5G in Thailand. Also, in May 2021, AIS, ZTE and Suranaree University of Technology have collaborated to trial the 5G Smart Factory. This supports personnel to gain expertise in AI, Cloud, IoT, VR and AR. Then, this collaboration can be applied to develop any solutions for the manufacturing sector, most particularly in the Northeast of the Thailand.

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