Siam Discovery Introducing Digital Land in The Sandbox Metaverse

Siam Discovery

Siam Discovery The Exploratorium reaffirms its positioning as The Biggest Arena of Lifestyle Experiments through its upcoming Fight for the Future Metaverse event, offering exhilarating experiences that invite customers to ‘come play with us’ by encouraging limitless experiment, creation, and cultivate. Cryptomind is a digital land owner in the Sandbox Metaverse and Thailand’s leading pioneer in digital asset financial services and investment product development. NIMIT Studio is Sandbox’s Official Global Studio Partner and the first official Thai studio to build a Metaverse world. Siam Piwat has partnered with these leading innovators to showcase an end-to-end O2O Metaverse experience, bringing the future to its customers.

With “Fight for the Future” event, Siam Piwat and its partners will be the very first in Thailand to integrate the Sandbox Metaverse into reality in such a seamless and innovative manner. In doing so, participants are offered a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience – held across multiple events, activities, and offerings – allowing them to be the first to glimpse into our fast-approaching future. Among the highlights is playing games in the Metaverse. As they explore the virtual world called Jinta Valley in Sandbox, participants can complete quests to receive rewards from the ONESIAM Super App. Following

its massive successes across two seasons, the Sandbox has reached over 2 million registered players from all around the world. These players are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Metaverse’s new space, designed to be aa replica of Siam Discovery. Thai boxing is prevalent throughout this event as there is a core theme of showcasing the essence of Thai culture to the eyes of the world; everyone is invited to join the “Fight for the Future” and get special rewards. Moreover, it is a great pleasure to have Fairtex, a leading Thai boxing and Mixed Martial Arts equipment and apparel company, to launch a special collection giving customers the opportunity to manifest their identities, creativity, and self-expression in the form of avatars that can be used to hyper-personalize their clothes. The “Fight for the Future” initiates an otherworldly bridge between the physical and virtual worlds with a truly O2O approach.

Siam Discovery

Siam Discovery: The pioneering model of Lifestyle Lab offers completely unprecedented experiences

Ms. Pawina Gajaseni, Director of Siam Discovery Business Group, says “Siam Discovery The Exploratorium has a strong position of becoming a venue to discover pleasantly unprecedented experiences. Future Lab at Siam Discovery is a significant space specially curated to explore the current trends that are becoming popular among people in diverse communities while always allowing everyone to discover extraordinary experiences, follow the latest fads, and Come Play with Us. This is a reaffirmation of our position to become an open space for everyone to explore experiences never seen before. Siam Discovery also elevates the amusements by inviting visitors to complete quests in the virtual world and gain rewards in the real world at Siam Discovery.”

Mr. Salawit Suviporn, Creative Innovation Strategist (Think Tank) – who is in charge of innovative strategies to develop business solutions with the latest creative innovation – says “People all over the world today become awake and get excited about living in the world of Metaverse that has made rapid progress and has attracted countless players in every platform. Siam Discovery thus responds to the current wave of interest of gamer communities and people wishing to immerse themselves in Metaverse by organizing the project “Fight for the Future” during July 22-August 31, 2022 which is the largest collaboration with our world-class partners including NIMIT Studio, Cryptomind, and Fairtex. This is the significant co-creation phenomenon in connecting the real and the virtual worlds in the first-ever O2O approach by merging fun games on the digital LAND owned by Thai people on The Sandbox virtual world platform with actual experiences at Future Lab of Siam Discovery. Visitors can participate in joyful discovery between the Metaverse world and the physical space of the shopping center.”

NIMIT and Cryptomind co-hosts to set up the world’s first-ever phenomenon

Mr. Chayarop Burapat, the creator and founder of NIMIT Studio, says that NIMIT as a Multiverse Builder Studio and Official Partner Studio of the famous virtual world game platform The Sandbox is pleased to present “Jinta Valley” as a digital land in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3. The design of Jinta Valley incorporates Thai arts and cultures to display Thai-ness in the digital world in a unique manner. Players from around the world will realize that fighting doesn’t mean a violent battle, but refers to sharing and solving problems together.

NIMIT Studio sets up on the 4th floor of Siam Discovery to be NFT Creative Placemaking Space by partnering with Cryptomind to gather creators in diverse genres ranging from NFT artists, advertisers, illustrators, and musicians, to crypto and PEP collector communities. In addition, Siam Discovery solidifies its position as a gateway to connect the real and the virtual worlds without borders. This allows “Fight for the Future – Hope is Dope: Episode Zero” to become a space of possibilities in connecting the world of art while sharing ideas and personal identity for a better society in creative ways as well as sparking a society in joining forces to create a creative change through the concept “hope of the world is the hope of the future” to accept the differences in culture, race, along with sympathy and the right to freedom of expression of thought through five themes of Fight For experiences i.e. Fight for Love, Fight for Nature, Fight for Style, Fight for Peace, Fight for Fun (Creativity and Community).

Siam Discovery

NIMIT has created a zone for players and the community to experience the Voxel style of games and complete missions such as Game Station to seamlessly access Land in Jinta Valley on The Sandbox platform, NFT Showcase with Augmented Reality (AR), On Site PFP Community Immersive Experience and Avatar Customization in diverse themes.

Mr. Sanjay Popli, Chief Executive Officer of Cryptomind Advisory, adds “The co-creation project ‘Fight for the Future’ with Siam Discovery and NIMIT Studio marks a monumental step to create an extraordinary phenomenon at Siam Discovery. Furthermore, Cryptomind, a leading consultancy service provider for investing in digital assets and Metaverse development, has partnered with NIMIT Studio to create the digital country called “NIMIT2050” in The Sandbox platform.

The collaboration of Siam Discovery and Fairtex in Jinta Valley in The Sandbox can set up Thailand’s first-ever possibilities to merge the physical and the digital worlds, elevating the one-of-a-kind services and new experiences for customers and communities to enjoy. In addition, along with NIMIT Studio, Cryptomind held Talks on the topics of Future of Artists and Future of Metaverse and Investment that brings together many famous artists and crypto-asset experts to educate and provide some insights on secret of becoming successful artists, NFT, Digital Nation Identity, Metaverse Investment Opportunities, and many more on this coming July 30-31.

Fairtex teams up to present Thai boxing from never-before-seen perspectives

Mr. Chano Nurmakin, Chief Executive Officer of Fairtex Equipment Co., Ltd or better known as simply Fairtex, says “Having been a key player in the Thai boxing arena for a long time, we are very pleased to present Thai boxing to the eyes of the world once again in the cutting-edge digital platform of Metaverse. On this occasion, Fairtex thus supports the project ‘Fight for the Future by connecting Thai boxing in the physical and the digital world. Thai boxing apparel is also available on The Sandbox allowing the avatars to be personalized based on the players’ preference.

More importantly, Fairtex has collaborated with the leading graphic designer Jackkrit Anantakul, aka HelloiamJK, to design a special Thai boxing clothing collection that is only available at the event while also having a unique collection for avatars in the Metaverse world. While Metat Thepnual or Sun Smile Club joins in the project by creating a special customize. The general public is invited to enjoy playing fight game offering fun and challenging Thai boxing competitions in a new approach that expect to attract both Thai and international visitors.”

Fight for Future: Everyone is invited to have fun in fighting for achieving the goals

“Fight for the Future” is the project that focuses on merging O2O experiences where activities can take place in both the Metaverse and reality. Siam Discovery challenges everyone to proudly show off their fighting spirit to achieve their goals. Participants in fighting games in The Sandbox will get rewards that are divided into different categories; “Fight for Style” gets discounted coupons to be used on fashion products, “Fight for Love” receives discounted coupons for products at ICONCRAFT and ODS, “Fight for Nature” comes with discounted coupons to purchase products at Ecotopia, “Fight for Peace” gains discounted coupons for street-style brands, and “Fight for Fun” earns discount coupons from Loft and Digital Lab. Last but not least, Siam Piwat will also offers discounted coupons on ONESIAM SuperApp for products related to this project with an addition of VIZ Coin collecting.

Enjoy and explore these unprecedented activities exclusively at Siam Discovery for the project “Fight for the Future” from July 22 to August 31, 2022.

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