Kao teams up with 7-Eleven releasing a campaign against dengue fever for Thais


Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd., or Kao, a leading manufacturer of consumer products and chemicals from Japan led by Mr. Yuji Shimizu, President, joined forces with CP ALL PCL, represented by Mr. Yuthasak Poomsurakul, Chief Executive Officer and operator of 7-Eleven convenience stores and 7-Delivery, launched the special campaign on Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum, a mosquito repellent product.

Purchasing 1 tube at 69 baht from all 7-Eleven stores nationwide including 7-Delivery and ALL ONLINE channels is equivalent to a donation of 5 baht for contributing to purchase new Biore Card, Moss Block, Serum to hospitals in preventing dengue patients from the day 1 August – 31 October 2022

Under the business philosophy “Kirei—Making Life Beautiful “committed to eliminating harm and protecting future lives, that it is crucial to control dengue hemorrhagic fever and other infectious mosquito vector-borne diseases. Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum has been launched in June, a new mosquito repellent product based on Kao’s unique revolutionary technology in Thailand.

The aim is to enhance quality of life of Thai consumers to be protected from mosquitoes in their daily lives. Therefore, this collaboration with CP ALL PCL has guidelines for sustainable business practices alongside communities and society, according to the corporate mission “to create a world where all life can coexist and flourish,” to help loved ones be safe and protected from dengue.

Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum provides a serum for blocking mosquitoes by innovating a unique formula that can expand widely and provide coverage on skin, as if having protection skin shield to protect from mosquitoes. It is available 2 scents including Floral Blossom (from all 7- Eleven stores, 7-Delivery and ALL ONLINE) and Lavender Valley (from ALL ONLINE only), with a 50g tube costing 69 baht.

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