“Chaiwut” heads to Hat Yai, speeding up the cables into the underground 2.5 km.


“Chaiwut” goes to Hat Yai city Accelerate the arrangement of communication lines underground. Revealed to operate according to goals Talk to the private sector to prepare to push “One House, One Line of Communication” creates sustainability in communication in the future.

Mr. Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society Visit the area to expedite communication cable arrangement in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, Kanchanavanich Road, from the front of Central Festival Hat Yai to the front of Prince of Songkla University Check the communication line organization work. Dismantling the cable is no longer used. Organize the existing cables. Distance 2.5 kilometers, Nuan Kaew Road area in progress to organize communication lines Distance 5.6 kilometers and around Thammanoonwithi Road It is the area where all the power and communication cables have been put into the underground conduits. Distance 2.2 km.

Mr. Chaiwut said that in the past, the MDES has coordinated with internet network service providers to organize cables in major roads across the country. Today, I have an opportunity to follow up and encourage the operators and expedite the organization in Hat Yai District, which in general can be carried out according to the approved plans and budgets very well. There are still some areas in progress.


The organization of communication lines is a collaboration of network operators, mainly NT True AIS and 3BB. Together, bring the communication cables of all owners to tie them together. Route the new cables and discard the old cables and cables. unused phone line will reduce the number of communication lines on the lamp pole more tidy and in places where there is a high density of service users and communication lines We will bring down the underground pipe. By DES, coordinating with the NBTC, which has been the main agency in this matter all along.

“The heart of cable management is safety. The line will not obstruct traffic. or affect other matters Clutter is an important issue that we need to expedite to resolve. because the scenery is not beautiful,” said Mr. Chaiwut.

In addition, in the next phase, after the communication lines on the roads can be arranged in order, Mr. Chaiwut is in the process of talking to all service providers. to be able to use the fiber cable connected to the building together From now on, when users want to change service providers, they need new wiring. It is the user who can change the service provider without the need for fiber cabling in the new building. “One house, one communication line” in the future, which will save costs and not cause clutter in the connection point from the road to the building as well.

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