The world has to change from Cyber Risk to Digital Risk

Digital Risk

The challenge of keeping citizens safe from online attacks Not limited to just the online world alone. digital behavior Basic knowledge of using IT equipment or even how to remember passwords that today are quickly stolen. Understanding digital risks is therefore the key to ensuring a secure use of technology.

This event is the leading cybersecurity experts in Thailand. Has come out to comment on the transition to an era of threats that are not just hacker attacks anymore. It comes from a group of scammers who use technology to find victims without borders. To pass on knowledge and understanding to all citizens, it is necessary to shift from Cyber ​​Risk to Digital Risk with skills that cover the increasing use of technology.

Prinya Hom-anek, Chairman of Executive Committee of ACIS Professional Center Co., Ltd., said that there are two important fundamentals in cyber security that must be known and followed up from now on: 1. From Cyber ​​Risk to Digital Risk 2. From Digital Divide to Digital Inequality Most people may not know that. These points are completely different. which if the leader of the national agency corporate executives including the people I do not know and do not fully understand, it may be a loser unexpectedly.

“This is the reason why Digital Risk and Digital Inequality are becoming the new trends of the world at this time,” Parinya said. Along with reiterating that Digital Transformation It has created conditions for the world we live in to be complex, volatile and difficult to understand. But we need to understand what is Unknown (ref. Donald Rumsfeld). and solve problems in a timely manner, starting with understanding the definitions of Digital Risk and Digital Inequality.”

“From Cyber ​​Risk to Digital Risk”

In the past, we know Cyber ​​Risk, which is a risk that may be attacked by cyber attacks such as malware, phishing, ransomware, often a risk that comes from external factors. But organizations can create systems, rules, policies, guidelines and discipline to prevent these risks to a certain extent. But the definition of Cyber ​​Risk does not include

Investment scams that offer high returns but in the end lost both the principal and the return which happened to thousands of Thai people, etc.

For “Digital Risk”, it is a new type of risk caused by new things. It is not necessary that the threat comes from hackers such as new technology. New regulations or new services, etc. For example, Technology Risk, technology used with vulnerabilities, Automation Risk caused by the wrong decision of AI, Compliance Risk caused by organizations that do not have accuracy in regulations, laws, data privacy. Risk Organizations use personal data of customers without their consent, Third-party Risk Partners hacked, affecting our organization.

These new trends can be prevented “if we understand and are aware of the dangers” by adopting various practices. that is correct to use The body of knowledge suitable for organizations in Thailand has been gathered in the CDIC 2022 Cybersecurity Seminar held between 9-10 November 2022.

Digital Risk

“From Digital Divide to Digital Inequality”

About 10 years ago, in some rural or urban areas of Thailand there was no internet access. It is thus a digital inequality that there is clearly a social gap between urban and rural areas. In this manner, the term “Digital Divide” is used.

As this era turns into digital inequality, “Digital Inequality” means inequality in knowledge and skills. In the use of digital technology, for example, people use smartphones as well. But one group of people have the ability to set security settings to prevent apps from accessing local data, while others don’t know and don’t have the skills to set up such security.

The research from the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) at the University of California, Berkeley on “Improving Cybersecurity Awareness in Underserved Populations” indicates that most disadvantaged people have basic knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is lower than that of potential people.

As mentioned above, Digital Risk and Cyber ​​Risk are completely different, as are Digital Inequality and Digital Divide. Therefore, corporate executives

national agency leader Prepare as quickly as possible. CDIC 2022 will introduce best practices to prepare organizations and personnel to cope with Digital Risk and Digital Inequality, the new environment in this fragile era. Anxiety is unpredictable and difficult to understand. also known as BANI World

For CDIC 2022, this year is the 21st year, organized under the concept of “Optimizing Security of Things and Digital Supply Chain Risk”. both preparing for the secondary law under The Cyber ​​Security Act and the Personal Data Protection Act including risk management in the digital information age Blockchain advancement, AI-powered, Quantum adopted both positive and negative, upgrade version of new ISO/IEC 27002:2022. and details in

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