DENSO gears towards a more sustainable future as an automotive parts manufacturer


In commemoration of its 50th anniversary as a leading automotive parts company, Thai DENSO Group has set their sights on fulfilling their commitments towards the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by innovating their manufacturing with a larger emphasis on sustainability and safety, in hope of achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2035.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of our stakeholders who have been extremely supportive of us, from our humble beginnings leading to our position today as a leader in Thailand’s automotive industry. Throughout the years, DENSO has always operated with a strong hindsight of environmental sustainability, safety, and people’s well-being in mind. Moving forward, we aim to fully utilize the technology at our disposal to harmonize the production of our automotive parts with the needs and well-being of both the environment and the society at large.” Mr. Naoto Inuzuka, Chief Executive Officer and President of DENSO International Asia Co. Ltd., said.

“To commemorate our 50th anniversary, and in line with five decades long heritage as a leading automotive parts manufacturer, we are proud to announce that DENSO has set a new vision of becoming a sustainability leader as we move towards a better future for our global community under the UN’s SDGs in order to archive our ASIA 3 pillars namely CO2 Neutrality, Future Manufacturing and Social Solution” Mr. Naoto Inuzaka further added.


Dr. Theerawat Limpibanteung, President of Siam DENSO Manufacturing Co. Ltd., also thanked the supporters as they announced the company’s new manufacturing innovation under the Lean and Clean concept which is both environmentally friendly and ensures safety for all users. It aims to improve productivity by decreasing energy usage. Instead, it shifts to using more of renewable energy and managing staff resources effectively in order to build itself as carbon neutrality manufacturer for Thailand 4.0. This new concept is earmarked as a game changer, as it doesn’t only reaffirm DENSO’s position as an industry leader, but also helps address pressing environmental issues that the global community is currently turning their focus to. DENSO’s new innovation will be utilized to strive for better sustainability benchmarks, while aligning with the following UN’s SGDs:

1. Environment (Planet)

DENSO will strive to develop and streamline its environment-friendly manufacturing technology, with the ultimate goal attaining carbon neutrality along the products’ life cycle through available industry solutions. Examples of this approach are utilizing energy from renewable sources along its production line, designing machines with the 1/N concept (reduction of machine size, technology improvement, and optimization of the material used in order to decrease energy usage and heat dissipation), and optimizing the ability to capture and store carbon dioxide along the production line.

2. Economy and Society (Prosperity and People)

DENSO will allocate extra resources in investment and the transfer of technology from Japan to their Thai staff, with an aim to further promote human resources development programs through collaborative efforts between the Thai and Japanese governments, especially on the important role like System Integrator (SI). Additional trainings will also be provided in order to increase and harmonize the integration of an automated system in the future.

Previously known as Nippon DENSO Thailand Co. Ltd, Thai DENSO Group was founded in 1972 as the first international branch of Denso. It is the first automotive parts manufacturer and distributor supported and ratified under the Thai government’s local automotive industry policy. Building on top of its pioneering initiatives together with its quality-oriented values, Thai DENSO Group is recognized as a leading manufacturer in the global automotive industry, with sustained business growth leading until present. Thai DENSO Group is comprised of 10 subsidiary companies. It has accrued sales value of higher than 103,024 million Bath in 2021 correlating with a 31% growth compared with in 2020.

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