App ‘Chope’ launched the Diners’ Choice Award 2022 campaign for top restaurants


“Chope” is an application for booking top restaurants, deals and discounts, serving in seven key cities in the region: Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bali and Jakarta under the concept ‘Dining Made Easy’. The platform is penetrating the application market for restaurant reservations in Thailand after the COVID crisis, so that fine-dining and Michelin restaurants are at your fingertips. Partnering with more than 500 leading restaurants in Bangkok and Phuket, Chope offers many privilege programs and rewards. It also launched the campaign Diners’ Choice 2022 for the first time in Thailand, inviting customers to vote for the best restaurants in 7 categories. Chope targets diners aged 25-44 who enjoy fine-dining and Michelin-starred restaurants and aims to double its customer base by the end of 2022.

Mr. James Ward, General Manager of Chope Thailand, said that as the COVID-19 crisis is subsiding, eating out habit is gradually back to the way it was before. Also, Southeast Asia is distinctive as a food paradise with unique menus attracting food lovers around the world, so restaurant reservation platforms are very popular and likely to grow sharply and steadily. Thus, Chope strives to be the platform that provides over 500 selections of fine-dining, Michelin-starred, and other leading restaurants in Bangkok and Phuket to create an impressive, memorable experience for Thai people as searching and having meals at their desired restaurant are at their fingertips.

Chope understands that customers need not only delicious food but also convenience, credibility and excellent service, so since the beginning of 2022, it has introduced new services and options to better meet and fulfill Thai customers’ needs. The majority of Chope users are between the ages of 25-44 (67% female and 33% male) who enjoy fine-dining and Michelin-dining experiences, and plans to expand partnership to mid-range restaurants over the next year. With a variety of partner restaurants, exclusive offers and services only for Chope customers, restaurant reservations through Chope application have grown constantly at least by 20% since March 2022, and the word-of-mouth of diners was key to this growth.


The marketing strategy focuses on building brand awareness through social media, highlighting user-friendly features in Chope application which is simple, convenient and even more effective in finding the desired restaurants than other platforms. Chope will continue to expand its customer base, both directly and through its leading restaurant partners, with loyalty programs and marketing activities such as exclusive discounts and prizes. During the festive season of Christmas and New Year holidays, Chope is projected to have doubled its the customer base by the end of this year.

By the end of 2022, and more importantly in the upcoming 2023, Chope aims to launch new services to better serve its customers and partner restaurants, as well as building strategic partnerships with leading organizations to continuously expand its customer base.


In order to cultivate good relationships and create shared experiences for customers, Chope has recently launched the Diners’ Choice 2022 campaign for the first time in Thailand to award the best restaurants in Singapore and Hong Kong. All are welcome to vote for their beloved restaurants in seven categories that reflect the dining trends in Bangkok: Restaurant of the year, Chope’s new restaurant of the year, Romantic restaurant, Most Instagrammable restaurant, Bar and restaurant of the year, Hotel restaurant of the year, and Best deal of the year. The most important category is the ‘Restaurant of the year’ which honors restaurants that excel in every aspect of food quality and service. Voters can also win great prizes from Samsung, Sephora, Gowabi, and more.


Diners’ Choice 2022 will open for voting from October 18 – November 15, and winning restaurants will be announced on November 23 forward. Everyone can support their favorite restaurants on Chope’s platform with over 500 restaurants in Bangkok at or download Chope Application from App Store and Google Play Store.

“We expect 2023 to be a great year for Chope in Thailand. The Diners’ Choice Awards will broaden our vision of the promising future. After rebranding under the concept of ‘Dining Made Easy’, we have been pushing for Chope to be the top restaurant-finer app for locals, expats, and tourists in Thailand to explore restaurants. It is also a tool that helps promote restaurants to reach more customers and thrive stably in the digital world,” concluded Mr. James Ward.

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