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depa ‘s senior executives announce a past performance together With the aim of expanding the digital economy and society in all of its facets, promoting the digital economy involves exhibiting potential, announcing the team’s readiness and the annual work plan for 2023, as well as emphasizing the concept of “DIGITAL INFINITY – Digital without limitations.” to progress Thailand and enhance the standard of living for Thai people

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency‘s (depa) director general, Asst. Prof. Dr. Nattaphon Nimmanphatcharin, stated that over the past five years, depa has consistently prioritized developing its personnel for the digital era. It is one of the first organizations in the nation to concentrate on teaching young people how to code. to create the foundation for future sophisticated digital technologies More than 4.2 million kids currently have access to coding knowledge.

Boost the potential of the digital workforce through upskilling, reskilling, and learning new skills Depa has also transformed Thailand’s economy into a digital one at the same time by launching 142 Thai digital firms. More than 16,000 million baht are spent as a result of the economic impact. The government is promoting and integrating digital startups, which are thought to be a crucial mechanism for changing the country’s primary industry group (Real Sector), including the business, service, tourism, and agricultural sectors.

By encouraging and assisting the community in accessing and using digital technology to expand on local wisdom, the depa also pushes the neighborhood toward a digital society. enhance income, expand manufacturing capacity, cut costs, and improve community living standards. make the neighborhood resilient and able to sustainably expand The use of information and digital technologies is possible in 281 localities. People have mastered digital literacy, particularly young people, the elderly, and vulnerable populations.

The advantages of using digital technology are known by at least 9 million people. Promote the development of smart cities (Smart City), 30 areas in 23 provinces integrating the new generation into local communities and sending them back to work to develop their own homeland through the Smart City Ambassadors project, and driving infrastructure development to support digital innovation through the Thailand Digital Valley project, all of which will be finished by 2024 and distributing access to technology. and digital innovation to all industries through the operation of the Depa office branches located throughout the nation’s numerous regions.


Depa is prepared to advance its objectives for 2023 in accordance with the master plan to advance the digital economy under the slogan “DIGITAL INFINITY – Digital without limitations,” which consists of

Ecosystem and Beyond

In the past, changes in the economy, trade, and population have upended the digital environment. Depa will therefore work to strengthen the network of digital startups. To get ready to be the hub of digital startups across all countries and industries Not only does the digital service industry (Digital Service) include other industries like the digital content industry (Digital Content), games (Digital Content), hardware and smart devices (Digital Content), and industrial groups, but it also includes them. new Prepared to establish a system for promoting investments that will serve as one of the fundamental ecosystems for expanding the market for Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations. Prepare to increase market penetration into the Main Land, using Southeast Asia as a hub to reach China.

National Transformation and Beyond

In order to alter its business and service sectors while working within the restrictions of resources that serve as essential raw materials for the development of digital tools and services, Thailand will need to have procedures in place. Making the primary industry After being impacted by the Coronavirus Disease outbreak in 2019, the entire country, including the agriculture sector, underwent transformation (COVID-19). new device Increase the automation of industrial machinery by deploying robots during production, for example. Depa will quicken the pace of value addition to the agricultural industry concurrently. by advancing digital technologies now in use and establishing the groundwork for accessing the global market mechanism

Technology and Beyond

Future technologies, particularly Big Data, Blockchain, and AI, will be the emphasis of DEPA in 2023. Safety must be known, understood, and recognized in all industries. And use it. Thailand must also hurry up the development of its own cutting-edge technology (Deep Tech). to serve as a weapon or as armor when competing with foreign rivals in technology Additionally, it promotes the growth of smart cities. Thailand also needs to be on the lookout for fictitious technology that might arrive sooner than anticipated. No matter what the future holds for 6G and quantum technology, computing will be crucial in every dimension.

Policy and Digital Inclusion

A new master plan for promoting the digital economy will be created using the policies that the depa will put into place. Focus on digital inclusion by making Thailand the hub of Southeast Asia before expanding the project to all other nations in the area. In order for Thailand to regain its former status as a “tiger,” it must open up the legal systems, laws, and regulations governing the ecosystem. This will contribute to fostering an environment that draws investors. or foreign specialists How can policies that benefit Thailand and other nations in the region, as well as open avenues for commerce or collaboration, be made available to “people” in the region? Unless DEPA takes action Thailand won’t be able to stay up with its neighboring nations if it does nothing.

Looking Forward

Through the creation of the National Big Data Institute (NBDi), a crucial tool for working to create a nation that is “data driven” with the power of its people, depa will bring about real, observable improvements. entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from the information while simultaneously implementing the new approach. Information will be accessible to the general public in accordance with the “Big Data for All” philosophy.

Depa will also quicken the spread of digital innovation and technology to consumers, farmers, and business owners through an office network. All seven of the Depa’s branches across the country—the Upper Northern Branch in Chiang Mai, Lower Northern Branch in Phitsanulok, Central Isan Branch in Khon Kaen, Lower Northeast Branch in Ubon Ratchathani, Eastern Branch in Chonburi, and Upper Southern Branch in Phuket and Lower Southern Branch in Songkhla Province—will not only serve as branch offices but also as crucial mechanisms for the Depa.

Additionally, it provides Thai citizens with the chance to access and own a digital technology-related firm. operating through dspace and dstation as a member of the depa family

“The implementation plans present a new obstacle, but DEPA won’t give up. We don’t have a deadline set for completion by 2023, but we are now operational. Work like Beyond while consulting pertinent industries. to improve Thailand’s quality of life, including driving success by boosting the digital economy and society in all spheres, according to the depa President.

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