NT Broadband aims to retain customer base Doubled after merger

NT Broadband

NT Broadband continues to maintain its home internet customer base, which doubled as a result of the merger. moving towards the goal of 11 billion baht in 2022 with a number of users of over 1.96 million ports, highlighting the advantage of a complete communication infrastructure covering all areas of the country both the network of pipes, poles, and spectrum with potential Emphasis on pushing complete IoT services in the industrial, government, household and other sectors Through the strategy of allocating promotional packages that meet the needs of users at a reasonable price. create an impression of excellent quality service Including recruiting partners to participate in the development of services in various forms. as a new all-in-one solution ready to present new innovations come to develop services for users to be better in line with the digital world in the future.

Chamnian Phaetkij, Telecommunication and Broadband Product Marketing Manager, National Telecommunications Public Company Limited (NT), said, “As a result of the merger, NT has the most comprehensive core network in Thailand. Whether it’s a network of pipes, poles, cables, especially potential frequencies, NT has a highly stable signal. answer all questions Both the industrial sector, the government and the people, especially the business sector, will have no problems in various operations. Especially for large data transmissions that can be done quickly. or problems with lost data on the way.

NT Broadband
Press conference Under the event name “Enjoy Life Enjoy Together”

Which will cause work problems But the stability of the network, we will make this problem completely gone. From this advantage, NT has the potential to bring various resources. Come to provide services continuously in a variety Both wired and wireless systems To be ready for the future in focusing on providing comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) services, including bringing various services to be a part of supporting various government projects, which will be a part in pushing the national strategy to achieve its goals.”

“Last year’s success, NT Broadband was able to grow its customer base just a little over a year after the merger. By increasing up to 1 times, which will be an opportunity to expand the broadband customer base by offering a promotion to move camps Along with special discount measures, Upsell/Cross Sell to maintain old customer base and create new customers. Including upgrading the quality of service With a service called Internet Expert NOC, which is one of the Core Businesses that we take special care. Because it is considered after sales service that we will take care of customers with the utmost care and efficiency.

For business customers with a special team that accepts inspections of malfunctions across the country. along with a team to maintain Troubleshoot NT Broadband system operation issues, including auditing of applications used by customers. It will continue to monitor the work until the problem can be solved and the system works normally. along with providing in-depth advice on internet usage 7 days a week, 24 hours a day as part of measures to prevent service cancellations.”

“At the same time, NT Broadband is also preparing to bring new innovations to serve the people. by recruiting partners to jointly develop services in various forms In the form of a complete solution, whether it is a Security Healthcare e-commerce Solution, extending the service with IoT devices and/or Digital Platform in various forms. in order to create an experience in receiving exclusive services for target customers, ”said Mr. Chamnian in the end.

NT Broadband

For the National Telecommunication Public Company Limited’s goal in 2022, NT BROADBAND targets revenue of 11,000 million baht, with approximately 1.96 million ports being used by customers. 70% of the total amount The remainder will be for enterprise customers with business applications. It is expected that in 2023, the revenue target will increase by another 10%. But it is still considered an industry that is not affected as much because it is still a business that is necessary in the digital age. thus creating strength effectively

After the press conference Under the event name “Enjoy Life Enjoy Together”, there is also a part to fill the knowledge of future business directions. From important e-commerce experts, including Mr.Pom-Pawoot Pongwittayapanu, Managing Director and Founder of TARAD.com Company website on the topic “High Speed ​​Internet Important Factors of Business in the Digital Age (Digital Transformation)” to study and prepare for working and doing business in the digital age. with the speed and stability of the Internet is an important factor in determining the direction of victory in the competitive e-commerce battlefield in this era as well


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