“DENTISTÉ” promotes “Lisa” to create a “100% Confident Smile (Max)”


This year kicked off with a great and happy moment when DENTISTÉ, the world’s premium whitening toothpaste for the new generation, held the exclusive “LISA Special Greet: DENTISTÉ Presents a Confident Smile with LISA” event at Royal Paragon Hall. Considered one of 2023’s most significant events, it aimed to create the phenomenon of confident smiles especially for DENTISTÉ customers and the new generation by featuring LISA – Lalisa Manobal, brand ambassador for DENTISTÉ Thailand and a world-class artist with her 100% white teeth and a beautiful smile.

The world-class brand ambassador came to encourage Thais and BLINKS to show their 100% confident smiles and inspire them to dare to follow their dreams to reach Max Success. Thai fans also joined in a fun lucky draw to show off their healthy, white teeth at 100% (Max). They made a beeline to buy DENTISTÉ to get a chance to join exclusive activities with LISA. DENTISTÉ also presented LISA with a special-edition toothpaste produced with 1.2 karats of diamond powder.

DENTISTÉ aims to develop and deliver happiness through premium-quality products and innovations. It is the leading and best international brand in more than 30 countries around the world. DENTISTÉ has gained confidence in working with LISA, who represents the pride of Thai people by leading her life to success and international recognition. This is similar to DENTISTÉ, which has been delivering quality products to win at the international level globally by creating a confident smile and fulfilling happiness every day for everyone on the international stage.

Pharmacist Dr. Sangsuk Pithayanukul, Managing Director of Siam Health Group Co., Ltd., the importer and distributor of DENTISTÉ premium oral care products, said, “DENTISTÉ is pleased to give Thais a special New Year’s gift, which is LISA’s confident smile that inspires Thais to smile with confidence as they embrace the new year with happiness and succeed at everything they do.


Tonight, we proudly invite LISA to wish everyone a happy New Year and pass on happiness and her confident smile to Thais and Thailand. We are confident about moving forward to success in 2023 with the Thai economy recovering thanks to the influx of foreign tourists since the end of last year, which is considered a sign of good momentum. It’s also fair to say that when we smile, we show our confidence, which can make us happier and more successful.”

“DENTISTÉ considers itself a world-class premium toothpaste brand that has existed alongside Thai people since 2005, more than 18 years. What simply makes our brand happy is to see all Thais, especially the new generation, living a happier life and Thai teenagers being successful in realizing their own dreams. It’s widely known that LISA is originally from Buriram and speaks the Esan language fluently. Even though there are many attractive and talented people out there, LISA stands out as a globally recognized Soft Power.

She is a role model for Thai children and the new generation of Thais with her unrivaled commitment, perseverance, and endurance, plus a confident smile while striving to achieve her ultimate dreams on the global stage. We believe that if LISA can do it, other young Thais also can. Therefore, we’re delighted to invite LISA to pass on her smiles and confidence to Thai people across the country at tonight’s special event to inspire everyone to strive for success and make Thailand a happier place.”

At the “LISA Special Greet: DENTISTÉ presents a Confident Smile with LISA” event, DENTISTÉ invited LISA- Lalisa Manobal, who is DENTISTÉ Thailand’s brand ambassador with her beautiful teeth, to join a phenomenal and exclusive moment of creating a smile with maximum confidence. LISA is well suited to represent Thailand, known as the Land of Smiles, thanks to her status as an idol with exceptional talent in the world of global music and fashion. LISA is perfect to represent the new generation with her beautiful smile that shows her 100% confidence (Max) as she dares to chase her dreams.


Working hard to make her dreams come true enabled LISA to achieve Max Success at the global level, just like DENTISTÉ, a world-class premium bedtime toothpaste developed in Thailand that is now available in more than 30 countries around the world. Today’s event marks LISA’s debut in joining DENTISTÉ’s special activities with her smile, a charming Siamese smile filled with confidence, making a great impression on DENTISTÉ fans and BLINKS around the world.

Fans were thrilled with the activities organized exclusively for this event. A crowd of more than 3,200 lucky fans attended the event, which kicked off with a smashing introduction to LISA with a “Confident Smile” video that showed LISA’s path in achieving her dreams until she became a brand ambassador for DENTISTÉ Thailand. Throughout the event, LISA greeted her fans warmly and shared her impressions of DENTISTÉ toothpaste, telling everyone, “Today I’ve brought my favorite item with me, DENTISTÉ Max, which enables me to have a beautiful and confident smile. It boosts my confidence which helps me to succeed at everything I do and empowers me to follow my dreams to reach Max Success. I’d like to encourage everyone to keep smiling while making your own dreams come true.”

It was then time for the BLINKS’ interesting questions during a talk with LISA, such as “What is the charm of the Siamese smile?” Throughout the talk, LISA showed her bright smile that makes her fans go crazy for her cuteness. The talk was followed by a game to prove who were her die-hard fans through questions such as: “What is her favorite food?” and “What is the must-have item that makes her confident?” At the event, the fan club gave her a lovely surprise with the Fan Project, a video clip entitled “What does LISA’s smile mean to her fan club?” that shared their impressions of LISA, which put a smile on the charming artist’s face. Thirty lucky fans then went on stage to get LISA’s autograph.

Pharmacist Dr. Sangsuk Pithayanukul, Managing Director of Siam Health Group Co., Ltd., presented DENTISTÉ Diamond, specially produced with 1.2 karats of diamond powder, to LISA. This special edition has been produced with only 100 units available worldwide. It demonstrates the pride of Thai people who value LISA as the Diamond of the Nation that always shines in BLINKS’ hearts.

The event closed with LISA giving an inspirational speech encouraging everyone to smile confidently and dare to chase their dreams, plus a hope to see them all again at DENTISTÉ’s future activities.

Anyone who missed this exclusive event can follow the fun-filled activities with LISA and DENTISTÉ at https://www.DENTISTÉ-oralcare.com/DENTISTÉxLISA/ and www.facebook.com/DENTISTÉTH.

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