TRAViZGO Launched #TRAViZGOSuperApp with its Mega Giveaway


TRAViZGO INNOTECH LTD., Thailand’s No. 1 Travel Tech Startup, launch #TRAViZGOSuperApp, One-Stop Solution – Travel & Lifestyle Platform, to serve for all diverse travel lifestyles preferences and destination activity choices with its Mega Giveaway #TRAViZGOBigBonus is worth up to 15,000 baht to support #EveryNewJourney with great values throughout the year. Embarking with two hottest imagined couples of this era #ZeeNuNew and #JamFilm urging people to take a trip whenever they want welcome Fully-Reopen to Thailand Tourism 2023.        

Mr.Nadhaseth Wongwattanakarn, CEO of TRAViZGO INNOTECH LTD. a developer of the #TRAViZGOSuperApp said: #TRAViZGO has experience and expertise in providing travel services for more than 20 years. We drive business based on our proficiency through the full digital transformation with a ‘User Centric’ approach to ‘Explore’ and ‘Respond’ to all diverse travel lifestyles preferences and destination activity choices. We provide services by professional teams in #OnlineToOffline using digital technology to accelerate the speed and convenience as well as supported by a ‘Travel Specialist’ to meet specific needs. This makes it can be able to effectively meet the needs of both individual and corporate customers.

TRAViZGO has been recognized for high quality and standard services in the heart of our customers for 22 years becoming a rising star #Centaur Startup as ‘Thailands No.1 Travel Tech Startup’. We are confident that #TRAViZGOSuperApp has taken a significant part in #TRAViZGO to become ‘The First Thailand Travel Tech #UNICORN and ready to strive to be the ‘Top 100 Tech Companies in ASIA’ aiming to receive 5 million downloads by the end of 2023 and 10 million downloads by 2027 with expected revenues THB 3,500 million in 2023 and surpassing THB 10,000 million by 2027. This will be a significant part of bringing tourism section to boost the economy in Thailand and create economic value for the country at least THB 28 billion this year.added by Mr. Nadhaseth.

#TRAViZGOSuperApp comes with a great deal to attract all diverse travel lifestyles preferences and destination activity choices with exceptional value in every offer, ready to meet and create a lasting impression to Thai tourists and welcome all visitors around the world with one-stop-solution: Airline Ticket, Package Tour & Incentive Tour, Accommodation, Recreation Activities & Wellness, Car Rental, Cruise, Train, VISA Services, Travel Insurance Services and other services related to travel in various forms.

#TRAViZGOSuperApp offers a valuable prize Mega Giveaway #TRAViZGOBigBonus that is worth up to THB15,000 per person to show appreciation for all the confidence and trust that #TRAViZGO customers have in the company for 2 decades and also welcome new members to #TRAViZGO to support  #EveryNewJourney with great values throughout the year.

For those who missed the opportunity to participate in the two hottest imagined couples FanMeet activities with #ZeeNuNew and #JamFilm in the #TRAViZGOSuperApp Grand Opening do not disappoint because #TRAViZGO offers a remarkable program #TRAViZGOxZeeNuNew, an exclusive 2-day-1-night yacht cruise with the opportunity to participate in an intimate FanMeet activities with#ZeeNuNew.


Moreover, #TRAViZGO also offers an exceptional program #TRAViZGOxFilmJam, a dream trip to Tokyo, Osaka, Mount Fuji and watching cherry blossoms for 6 days and 4 nights, and a chance to participate in an intimate FanMeet activities with #JamFilm. Dont want to miss this incredible opportunities? Just invite friends to download and register for #TRAViZGOSuperApp membership in order to win a chance of an exclusive trip with your beloved imagined couple.

Most importantly, we recommend you download the app to get ready to receive 10,000 #TRAViZGOBigBonus (worth THB 10,000 per person!!!) on “January 17, 2023”, only one day. There is no limit on the number of downloads and registrations. This valuable opportunity shouldn’t be missed. #EveryNewJourney to experience the world will have a great values throughout the year with #TRAViZGOSuperApp.

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