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Thereporter.asia This is due to the integration of information technology journalists. In the era when the media changed the presentation platform into a digital format. With the trend of readers changing digital era in Thailand 4.0 along with the current trend of social media.

Make the mainstream media (Newspapers, television, radio) are unavoidably affected. While the transition of the media itself has limited staffing and media work policies. Delayed adaptation is very significant.

Thereporter.asia It has happened to change the understanding of social news. We have created a wide range of technology news from all sectors. The standard of coverage is not the same as the big news agency. It can be accessed from any device and across platforms.

The digital age is an important factor in connecting people and the news closely. With the technology news team, which is known in the news. The text and animation are currently popular.

And to be different from the original news set that focuses on advertising sales. Thereporter.asia It aims to be a part of being a Content Partner for brands and organizations that want to create a brand value that is known in the role of the organization closely.

By leveraging the knowledge of content creation and presentation, creating a consistent content model and good corporate image. Let the society know through the unique project model of each organization or brand as needed.

It also aims to become a news platform that will expand the coverage of AEC technology News, a gathering of 10 countries in Asia, including Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Brunei.

We aim to set up news agencies in each country to report news related to technology as a dialect. And publish through www.thereporter.asia on the server of that country as access As part of the information link, the AEC Society is one.

Why There Is Thereporter.asia to report The technology

With a variety of technological news. Cause a lot of relevant viewers. Yet, the audience and readers. Thereporter.asia It is also a group of people aged between 20 and 45 years old.

The main group is between 30 and 45 years old who have a passion for technology and are interested in the change of technology. And for the development of technology knowledge. To take advantage of their own livelihood. With over 40 – 50K views per day.

While a variety of content Comprehensive information technology, all forms and all classes. From technology to consumers, including smartphones, speakers, headphones, computers, televisions, audio systems, navigation systems, accessories. Programs and much more. Related to consumer technology.

The production side will be a part of technology presentation for the benefit of increasing productivity in various industries. These include agriculture, aviation, banking, communications, manufacturing, transport, printing, software and enterprise solutions. And much more related to technology for productivity.

There is also an educational technology news release. Research and development of new technologies and innovations. Both are just prototype and commercial. The projects that promote the use of technology to promote creative use in a certain sense. To publish to the reader to receive full accurate information.And can be used to actually. The knowledge of the news is unlimited.

Both text and video can be viewed. Through the platform Thereporter.asia All accessible and convenient. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a portable computer. Desktop computers, smart TVs, and other devices that support the internet connection of viewers and readers across the country.

With a team of professional journalists who have experienced fieldwork for less than 10 years, this is a testament to the professionalism of the news. And with a Content Partner theme that will allow collaboration between the sponsor and the news team.

Thereporter.asia It will create quality content and meet the purpose of those brands that are ready to publish to the public and recorded as one of the stories of the organization online.

Thereporter.asia It hopes to be a part of the history of the technology news that is needed and inspected online for organizations and companies looking to create a brand image of their own products and services to the public ,because the online world is not just about statistics.

We aim to create quality content that is published and promoted on a sustainable online world. To all people of all ages. Unlimited access to corporate news.