DPU and KBank join forces to instill a business DNA

Dhurakijpundit University (DPU) has partnered with KASIKORNBANK (KBank) to imbue the students with a NEW BUSINESS DNA based on technologies and innovations, with focus on encouraging students’ thinking and learning-by-doing in order to gain hands-on experiences that are useful for their successful future in the digital era.

Dr. Darika Lathapipat, DPU President, said that during the past half-century, DPU has always emphasized provision of knowledge related to business operations and entrepreneurship to prepare its students for all changes.

DPU is now ready to face the prevalent digital disruption and focuses its efforts on the curriculum development and creation of an environment that is accommodative to learning and teaching activities.

The university aspires to equip its students with digital, creative, communication and innovation skills, which are today’s most important skills. In addition, DPU expects its students to keep abreast of technological and business changes, and to understand new business models brought about by the digital transformation.

With the “Entrepreneurs Build the Nation” philosophy and the notion that business knowledge and Thai entrepreneurship will drive Thailand towards sustainable prosperity, the New Business DNA concept has originated. Students have been encouraged to think and do by themselves so as to gain firsthand experiences in alignment with the digital era.

In the latest development, DPU has teamed up with KBank to apply technology to upgrade learning and create innovations.

Mr. Patchara Samalapa, KBank President, revealed that KBank is now at the forefront in digital banking service thanks to our ongoing development in innovations. We are ready to support universities with the use of technologies in which we have a wealth of experience and expertise, through the following initiatives, i.e.:

  1. Support of student ID card and application in order to facilitate students in their studies, including course registration, exam result inquiry, tuition fee payment, class timetable, classroom attendance,

booking or use of meeting rooms, library or other university facilities, request for advice from lecturers, receipt of the campus news and the use of gamification for education to enhance user engagement, thus leading to regular use of the application.

2. DPU X project to develop an appropriate co-learning space, as well as recruiting experts and partners that are already successful in the start-up sector to be lecturers for various programs, such as “Geeks on the Block (Chain)”.
3. Creation of cashless society in the university and surrounding areas:

This will be achieved by setting up a digital branch of KBank in the campus and introducing payment service channels that are appropriate for each store in the campus and surrounding areas.

DPU and KBank’s financial management system will be linked to ensure systematic settlements and facilitate DPU’s operations.

In the era of digital transformation, everyone has to keep pace with technology which has now intertwined with every aspect of their lives, especially in the working world. Company employees, government officials and entrepreneurs all have to familiarize themselves with the changing technology.

DPU realizes the importance of developing these necessary skills and has thus provided academic curriculums and learning practices in various formats to engage students in practical training. The DPU cooperation with KBank will enable students to experience new technologies and ideas to prepare them for the professional world.

Dr. Darika added that the cooperation with KBank, a leader in financial industry, will make students better understand financial services in a digital world. The students will have an opportunity to initiate ideas, try forming a start-up and apply these experiences in their future career or their own business.

Since success does not have to delay until after graduation, DPU focuses on the outcome-based education to produce graduates who can ‘think”, “do” and “execute well” by developing curriculums and ecosystem in the campus to address the needs of professional world in the 4.0 era.

DPU X is also established to provide a space for students, alumni and the general public to “eXplore”, to develop “eXpertise” and to enhance “eXperience” through the reskill process and instill in them the entrepreneurial spirit for the business in the future.

DPU has also arranged for the new forms of learning space, namely, Makerspace, Coworking Space and Collaborative Space to promote teamwork.

They are equipped with innovative tools such as chatbox, 3D printers, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge computer programs to familiarize students with digital technology so that they will learn how to apply it to achieve optimal efficiency.

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