Traveloka Introduces Flight Status Feature

Traveloka, a leading technology company that provides an online travel and lifestyle booking for domestic and international destinations, today introduced its latest feature, Flight Status, a feature that enables users to track flight status in real-time.

This feature aims to make it easier for users to track flights in various conditions, can be used both by people who want to take a flight or by family and close relatives who want to pick up their colleagues at the airport.

When arranging a trip by plane, there is often a sense of worry or anxiety felt by passengers on flight status that cannot be predicted.

This also happens for colleagues who will pick up at the airport, they regularly waiting for the update from the colleagues who want to be picked up or they need to arrive at the airport early to ensure flight schedules and the plane landed on schedule.

Tee Chayakul, Country Manager at Traveloka Thailand said, “We are always committed to accommodating user needs, one of them is tracking their flight status. For people with high mobility, we want to provide flight status information that is presented in a convenient and easy to access.

In addition, we also want to ease users who have arrived at the airport, so that they can get flight information without having to look for a departure schedule board.

By having this new feature, users can easily have the information only by their fingertips and users can also share their flight status information to their closest family and relatives when needed.”

To access Flight Status feature, users can easily follow below steps:
  1. Open Traveloka app 3.6.0 version
  2. Select Flight Status at the homepage
  3. Users can fill in flight details by choosing Route or by Flight Code
  4. Click “See Status”
  5. The real-time of your flight status will appear on the screen. Users can also check their flight status in their e-ticket on My Booking section.

“The availability of the Flight Status feature for the first time by Traveloka, is expected to answer users’ anxiety, both passengers and relatives in waiting for certainty of flight schedules, so that the user’s journey can be better planned,” Tee added.

The Flight Status feature is now available on Traveloka application version 3.6.0 on Android and iOS devices. Flight Status can be accessed by passengers who want to make a flight, or by relatives and families who want to pick up at the airport. Users can also easily share their flight status information with family or friends.

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