Accenture to Open Advanced Technology Center in Thailand


Accenture will open an Advanced Technology Center in Thailand (ATCT) cementing its commitment and investment to the growth and development of Thailand and Southeast Asia. The ATCT builds on Accenture’s extensive innovation footprint in the region to enhance the company’s services and offerings – from acquisitions in Malaysia strengthening its Interactive and Applied Intelligence capabilities to the set-up of the Innovation Cloud Center in Indonesia.

The center aims to support Thailand in achieving economic growth, accelerating advanced innovation, and scaling IT capabilities and competitiveness on the global stage. It will do so by building a skilled, future-ready workforce and will be driven by collaborations and partnerships with players in the regional technology and business ecosystem, including local universities.

As part of Accenture’s commitment to Thailand, the company will hire over 300 IT professionals to help clients seize new business opportunities and improve agility and adaptability to the market. In addition, Accenture will focus on the training and development of its people, offering them global opportunities for on-the-job training and real-life experiences in a multi-national environment.

“The Advanced Technology Center represents our commitment towards developing Thailand’s new generation of tech innovators. We will continue investing in our greatest asset and priority: People,” said Accenture Thailand’s Technology managing director Nitinant Somboonvit. “Tapping into the region’s technology and business ecosystem, the center will serve as a critical node to gather knowledge, experiences, and ideas globally to enhance business value for our clients in Thailand and regionally.”

Slated to be fully operational in November 2021, the center joins Accenture’s network of over 50 delivery centers worldwide and serve Accenture’s Thailand clients in its initial operations. Leveraging innovative innovative delivery models with agile development and automation capabilities, Accenture clients will have access to a wide range of cross-industry technology solutions across leading technology platforms, such as mobile solutions, cloud, security, Data and AI to further drive business transformation and enhance future-readiness.

“The establishment of the Advanced Technology Center in Thailand is a natural progression in Accenture’s journey to drive 360-degree value to our clients and communities across Southeast Asia. One thing we have going for us at Accenture that is different from other companies is the speed at which we move, rooted in our innovation DNA.

We remain focused on scaling our business where we see a big market opportunity, adding skills and capabilities in key strategic areas, and deepening our industry and functional expertise. I am confident that the ATCT is well poised to drive digital transformation and capture new and emerging opportunities for our clients to win in today’s experience-led economy,” said Divyesh Vithlani, Southeast Asia market unit lead, Accenture.

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