Epson Launching First UV Flatbed Printer SC-V7000


Epson launches SureColor SC-V7000 for the increasingly-competitive signage printing industry. Being Epson’s first UV flatbed printer, this model is able to handle various types of media – in terms of thickness and surface – including flute boards, artificial leather, glass, acrylic, and aluminum.

Mr. Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, Managing Director of Epson (Thailand) Company Limited, says, “In the face of intensifying competition, signage printing service providers are fast improving their businesses. Many of them have seriously invested in modern printing technologies so as to accommodate a wider range of applications in response to customers’ needs and add value to their services. With such moves, there are fewer constraints in regard to media used. We have decided to launch Epson’s first UV flatbed printer SC-V7000 to the Thai market so as to bolster our signage-printer line, which has been the best seller in business and industrial-printer group during the first half of our fiscal year 2021 (April – September 2021), and also to boost our competitiveness as well as marketing opportunities”.

With its development rooted in extensive studies on signage-printing service providers’ needs, SC-V7000 boasts several outstanding and value-adding features. Customers who invest in SC-V7000 thus will enjoy high-quality prints and constant vivid colors over all surfaces of materials that are not over 80-mm-thick. This printer is compatible with flute boards, vinyl, backlit film, artificial leather, canvas, polyester sheets, and more rigid materials such as wood, metals, acrylic, aluminum, stainless, PVC boards, glass, and tiles. Its largest print size for as big as 1.25 x 2.5 meters, which is the biggest size of flute boards. SC-V7000 is perfect for signages, outdoor billboards, window displays, exhibition boards, packaging, interior decors, premiums, and artworks.

SC-V7000 printing efficiency is impressively high thanks to its PrecisionCore printhead, which can precisely control ink droplet shape and size. Its smallest droplet contains just 3.5 picoliter, three times smaller than the industry’s average. Moreover, SC-V7000 has harmonized three printing technologies namely Halftoning, LUT (Lookup Table) and Micro Weave in its delivery of color accuracy and wide color gamut. Its prints are thus realistic and beautiful. Boasting smooth and fine pigments, they are free from grains and banding.

This printer deploys 10-color UltraChrome UV ink, which are water-based and environmentally friendly. They are fast-drying and odorless. Because of UV curing, printed patterns stick well to chosen materials. Moreover, they are resistant to scratching and weathering. Because of their flexibility, users do not have to worry when having to bend signages. Featuring 10-color UltraChrome UV Ink, including vivid Red Ink, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, and grey, the SureColor V7000 delivers bright, colorful, tactile prints with low graininess and smooth gradation. Output, as a result, offers realistic details and outstanding quality.  Moreover, White ink also makes it real easy to work on transparent and black materials while varnish UV supports glossy finishes and prevents abrasion.

The SC-V7000 is designed with reliable components that minimise maintenance and repair costs. These include a jam detection sensor that prevents head crash even if the wrong media thickness setting is used. The built-in ionizer provides stable ink jetting and image quality by reducing static electricity and dust on the media.  The printer is also equipped with a white ink circulation system that reduces waste ink by circulating and stirring white ink.  The SC-V7000 is also built with 4 vacuum zones that keep light materials such as Styrofoam boards or vinyl securely in place during printing.

“Today, signage-printing businesses have used various UV printers. Some of them are imported and marketed by technology owners, while some others are third party compatible machines. Given that UV printers involve quite big investments, entrepreneurs certainly look for best value. SC-V7000 therefore proves a perfect answer in regard to performance, reliability, durability, ease of use, and environmental friendliness. Designed and developed by Epson, it comes complete with matching inks and software. Customers therefore can have full confidence that Epson team is by their side in every step, well ready to resolve any issue they may have. We offer this printer with one-year warranty too,” Mr. Yunyong concludes.

For SC-V7000 demonstration, please contact Epson Thailand via or Epson Call Center 02-685-9899.

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