Thailand today announced the launch of the inaugural International Youth Basketball Championship 2023 (IYBC 2023). The four-day tournament from April 8–11, 2023, organized by the Parent Group of Thai Youth Basketball Players in cooperation with the Global Hoops Elite Program from Singapore, and supported by the Ministry of Education, the Basketball Sport Association of Thailand (BSAT), and King’s College International School Bangkok will offer an international opportunity to young basketballers from Thailand and other parts of the globe to compete in world-class facilities and experience the country’s unique hospitality.

This international sporting event will not only help foster positive youth development but also prepare young people for Society 5.0.

Mr. Phoomsan Seneewong Na Ayudhaya, a member of the Advisory Board, the President of Education Policy, and Deputy Minister of Education, noted that children’s development and learning is a complex process. To help them achieve their full potential and become well-rounded men and women in the future – parents and teachers, who play a big role in promoting learning and development, need to enable and inspire children in a complete and wholesome manner. A holistic education that aims to cultivate a child’s physical, emotional, moral, psychological, and spiritual attributes is instrumental in developing the necessary skills and can be achieved through participation in sports.

“We are entering a new era, the so-called ‘Society 5.0,’ which has the ability to solve social challenges and problems using innovations born in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Society 5.0 means the education of the future will place greater emphasis on people rather than technology. It requires an effective learning transformation and a holistic approach to prepare students for lifelong learning and deliver a wide range of skills that go far beyond the digital,” Mr. Phoomsan said.

 “The IYBC 2023 is a great initiative that will bring Thai and international youth together in a meaningful way. Not only will it enable young players to compete on the court but also allow them and their families to tour Thailand, meet new people, learn a new language, be immersed in another culture, and participate in the traditional Songkran festival, also known as the ‘Water Festival’ taking place in April,” he added.

BSAT President Mr. Nipondh Chawalitmontien said the association has long been committed to facilitating competitions and tournaments for those passionate about basketball by running successful programs to support both amateur and professional leagues to help promote a healthy lifestyle through basketball. It is also committed to contributing to the physical, emotional, and social well-being of the youth and harnessing their talents through sporting activities that maximize their potential through provincial, regional, and national competitions while also encouraging them to enter the professional sport industry.

“On behalf of the BSAT, it’s an honor to be part of this collaboration, helping young players to continue developing their skills and potential to reach the international level.

Mr. Nipondh Chawalitmontien BSAT President

“The IYBC 2023 will be very competitive. As well as local teams, players from other countries will be coming here to Thailand to participate in this event. Going against different styles of play can challenge players in new ways, take them to the next level, and even improve their chances of forging a career in basketball in the future.

“This event will help promote Thailand as a hub of competitive youth basketball in Asia, support the international community of basketballers, and strengthen relations between basketball development centers in Asia. Specifically, it will be of great benefit to Thai players, giving them the opportunity to compete in an international environment without the high costs involved in overseas travel,” Mr. Nipondh said.

More than 800 players from 72 teams across the globe are expected to participate in the competition, which will be played across boys’ and girls’ divisions in three age groups: under-13s, under-15s, and under-17s. The IYBC 2023 tournament will be conducted in strict adherence to the Jr. NBA 5-on-5 guidelines and rules of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to ensure all players have adequate time on the court.

“I would like to wish all teams participating in this competition good luck in their preparations and look forward to seeing them in Thailand,” he added.

Mr. Liam Kane, assistant head at King’s College International School Bangkok stated that sports and physical recreation are highly valued and essential parts of the King’s Bangkok curriculum and contribute to students’ development and well-being. As such, the school provides students with world-class sporting facilities including full-size basketball courts where the IYBC 2023 will be played, enabling students to reach their full potential. It also supports them in participating in a variety of sports and representing the school in competitive matches within the house system and against other schools.

 “We are immensely proud of our reputation as one of the best schools in Asia that offers a strong mix of academic and sporting programmes with the ability to produce well-rounded young men and women. Participation in sport is essential for student wellbeing and lifelong happiness whilst also supporting their work within the classroom by keeping students fit, healthy, and motivated. We place the students’ needs at the heart of our work and help them build the skills necessary to become productive and successful members of the community and society,” Mr. Kane said.

Mr. Brian Yee, co-founder of the Global Hoops Elite Program, is a FIBA licensed scout and SEA sports organizer for youth and pro leagues, and the IYBC 2023 tournament’s official operating partner. He stated that the company has always operated its business with one goal in mind: helping teams from any part of the world to travel across regions through sports tourism with a perfect mix of love for sport and the pleasure of traveling.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parties involved for their belief in the success of the IYBC 2023. We’re super happy to be part of this special event. With our broad experience of working with basketball tournaments in Asia and developing a network of contacts and basketball federations across the region, we are able to create a competitive environment that is fun, exciting, and riveting, bringing an emotional experience and special moments to the audience,” Mr. Yee commented.

“It’s fantastic news that the IYBC 2023 tournament has received positive responses from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand. This will be the first-ever International Youth Basketball Championship in Thailand so the teams will be making history.  I would like to encourage people to join and be part of this historic tournament,” he added.

The IYBC 2023 is also well supported by corporate sponsors namely Siam Canadian Foods Co., Ltd.,Fooddeehub (Thailand) Limited, Siam Canadian Gourmet Limited, Ruamjairak Hospital, Westcon Co., Ltd, Siam Glory Woodwork Company Limited, Bio Raw Co., Ltd., Icon Perfect Company Limited, C.E.Mech Engineering Co., Ltd., Techno-Sell (Frey) Co., Ltd. – Lamina Films, Ugo Wealthy Limited Partnership, Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited, Coffee Slander (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Thongprathan Kusolpanich Co., Ltd., and Inter Print.

The IYBC 2023 will officially open for registration from February 1 – March 15, 2023. For more information about the tournament, please visit

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